A day to remember – Part 1

Mission trip  25/11/2017 @ Cambodia

I have never been to mission trip before since after accepting Christ, so I thought why not try out since the trip was quite cheap. It was a very memorable trip and I wish I could go there again. There are few lessons I learnt from this trip, forgiveness and gratefulness but before jumping into testimony straight away, let me introduce my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Beginning from the left red shirt, our leader Benjamin Chan, Weng Lun, Belle, Elsa, Rachel, Rofia, Keith, Elaine, Joyous, Rebekah and Deborah. On the right, the beautiful lady (Sreykol) with white shirt and striped black pants is the church’s caretaker wife and the handsome + humble man pastor Bou Roth. Both of them have been ministering this village for many years and the villagers around gets very comfortable with them sending their children to the church almost everyday. If you deal with children before you will know how exhausting it will be, maximum of 3 days I will be super exhausted but this young couple having been serving for years and until now they are still serving! It is really amazing that both of them serve the Lord with passion and have come this far, I would have given up with all the struggles they are having.

Da Boss Benjamin Chan

Before the trip , our leader Ben told us that there is no clean water, so we are drawing water from the well and few years back the place that we are going doesn’t have electricity and  I was like “what have I signed up?”, so I expected the worst, sleeping on bamboo houses, lots of mosquito, no toliet, no electricity etc, but when I arrived there, it wasn’t that bad as I thought.

When we arrived, the 1st day is considered as our holiday :D, so we get to enjoy walking around the paddy fields to look around, taking pictures and it is really beautiful!

Now 2nd day… our suffering begins, Ben told us we have a very tight schedule from morning 8am till 8pm, there are only 2 resting period, during lunch and during 4pm. We were separated into two groups, 1 group dealing with youths and the other dealing toddlers. I was assigned to youth and I thank God for that, you know why la… It was easier to deal with youth because they understand what we say.

Our task is to teach children English, so it was fun teaching them and on the same time we also conducted various games and finally lunch! It was really good & delicious food (I mean really good! Honestly better than my house food 😛 ) and cheap ($4-5 USD per day, lunch & dinner) and I really wanna thank all the villagers who contributed to cook for us for the whole period when we are in Cambodia. More good food pictures below… continue reading!

Finally we get back to our teaching session until dinner and here comes the famous soup!Yum Yum! The “Ant Soup” and few other dishes, the soup seems not nice, but when you taste it, you will like it! The ants are cruncchyyy and it is sour, something we don’t get to taste in Malaysia.

I will continue writing either tomorrow or probably some other day that I’m free so stay tuned! Good night! Oh wait before you go, here is 1 verse for you…

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; His love endures forever.

1 Chronicles 16:34