A day to remember – Part 2

The next day… more challenge and fun ahead! Our daily morning routine will be gentlemen will need to fill up the tank with water from the well, we need to carry many rounds like around 20-30 rounds to fill up the tank. Nah… see our brother Keith how he fill up the big pail and that big pail will be carried over to other side to fill up the tank. You know la berapa round we need to take the water up from the well. 

Here comes lesson 1 that I have learnt, be GRATEFUL with all the things you already have. We all tend to complain when we don’t have this and that, but these villagers here their water source are all coming from well. Their water is not coming from any water company but all are underground water. This water are being used in their daily life, cooking, drinking, bathing, washing etc. Even though they have electricity there, but sometimes the electricity tend to go down. God show me that I’m living in town is already a luxury so be grateful, for example, if you need to go somewhere, there is public transport everywhere or even order Grab. Their place here, there is no proper road and dusty road, and if you want to buy something, it is not like you can order Lazada or Shopee etc deliver to your house, if you’re doing OK, you can get motorbikes and get your groceries done else you need to walk to town to get all the stuff back. 

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

The breakfast, sometimes we have these food, or sometimes we will eat Milo + biscuit or instant cup noodles. The first 2 pictures looks like laksa but it isn’t and the third picture is Cambodia style omelette, lots of vege!

About the kids here, they are well disciplined…. They will line up and wait for us to tell them to come in, as long as we don’t tell them to come in, they will not come in.

What we do here is pretty much the same everyday for the next 2 days, we will teach them English and play games. On the same time, we do have visitation in the village, where we get to know more about the villagers and we pray over for them. Most villagers here are Buddhism, it is hard but we do have some good news, few families there accepted Christ after we reaching out to them.

After, reaching out to villagers till around 6pm, we will get back to our place because in Cambodia, around 6pm the sun will go down and by 7pm, it is already pitch black like 8pm in Malaysia Time. All of us will need to take turn to bath because there is only 1 bathroom, so while waiting, sometimes me, Weng Lun, Joyous and Rebekah will play Monopoly! And we actually get addicted by playing the game :P. After everyone done bathing, we will gather to pray, and discuss about today’s progress and tomorrow’s plan like what games we are planning to play, what to teach etc.

More to come where we get to make toilet and planting on Part 3! 

Here is a bonus video our leader trying to dance our signature dance to the cow :