A day to remember – Part 3

Sorry for the delay, I have been quite busy. Now the interesting part where we need clear weeds for one of the villagers there so that she can plant something else.

Don’t play play…. gardening is hard work but digging a 2 meter deep hole for toilet is a lot more harder than planting. Their toilet there doesn’t have a sewage system, so all our human waste stays underground, once it is full, they need to find a new spot to dig another hole for the toilet.

The uncle and aunty there are much stronger than us…. their age proves to us that it is just a number.

Since there is 2 teams, both team took turn to dig the hole so that we can continually digging, here so many of us we only managed to dig 1.2 meters deep only, the balance we have to leave it to the villagers to continue. Imagine these villagers have to dig 2 meters deep! How hard was it so do appreciate your toilet! 🙂

This is the aftermath of digging the toilet

Of course our hardwork will never go waste, our awesome chef cook us some nice dinner after hard and long hours of work. Crickets and ants soup! NYUUMMM!

It may seems disgusting but it is really good! Imagine eating some crunchy and taste almost like chicken. 😛
I will write the last chapter in the next few days so do stay tuned for more!